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Energy Source

New method for coping with illness
and maintaining optimal health in the 21st century.

New Method For Coping With Illness And Maintaining Health In The 21st Century

Our Mission:

NLG Energy Source inspires and empowers individuals to improve their own mental and physical health. We do this by teaching practitioners simple visualizing techniques of energy healing.

How It Works:

NLG’s classes teach us how to access the universe’s healing energy (energy source) and directing it into our body to stimulate our stem cells; enhancing our healing abilities and our brain function. This technique involves 5 1/2 minutes of practice, 1 to 3 times daily.

Spiritual energy exists on our planet. This energy source supports all knowledge, wisdom, life and evolution. In order to connect to this spiritual energy from the Creator, we have to live with LOVE and live righteously. We can achieve this through NLG’s teaching of the principles of morality and the Five Forms of Love.

For the first time in human history, we are able to use the Creator’s spiritual energy and we must know how to embrace his LOVE and live in harmony with each other to create heaven on earth.

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Pure love

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NLG solves many current problems relating to health and spirituality


You will learn

You will learn the secrets on how to activate your own stem cells. As the stem cells increase in your body, your entire body regenerates and renews itself so you can become physically and mentally healthy.


You will feel

The NLG method is a technique that uses our mind and our six senses. We train and guide this energy to flow from the mind to the heart. We call this the love energy (the power of primal love).


You will achieve

When the dream and the joy of the human race become your own happiness, that is primal love and you can achieve this love. This reality can be yours: we are happy and you can be happy too.

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People Whose Lives Are Touched By NLG

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And this is why we love what we do

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I loved your class, and I am practicing the techniques but not with the consistency required due to very intense commitments taking care of my dad. I feel like NLG may be more powerful than Reiki, but I’m still gaging it in reference to personally practicing it. A day after the class, I used it on my father (91) who suffers from severe neck arthritis. He was a lot better the next day (actually not complaining at all). I do have to ask him again how this is going since then. Also, I can’t really say I’ve experienced the heat or sensations others had after the activation you provided. But that doesn’t mean necessarily that the energy isn’t moving or working. Thank you so much for your generosity and loving heart.
Nga Vo11/26/2020
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NLG helped me to overcome the vertigo that I have suffered for one year. The dizziness went away immediately after the first day of Mr. Le's class. This is a miracle! I also suffered from anxiety, tension headaches, and knee osteoarthritis, and all of them reduced significantly after a few days of practicing. I am so grateful to Mr. Le and NLG for coming into my life and for helping other people. I have been supporting my family, relatives, neighbors and friends with NLG, and most of them feel full of energy and have improved their health.
Mark Corkson04/15/2020
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I met Mr. Le five years ago while in good physical health. However, one of my children had committed suicide, my marriage ended, and I had to move out of my home into an apartment. I had so much debilitating change that I was not myself. NLG and its practice brought me “back to the center.” I have continued daily practice and I have prospered financial, physical, and spiritual. Please send me an email if you have any questions or need “real-life” information.
Kimberly Kemp04/15/2020
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NLG has made me happier because I’m constantly focused on loving myself, my family, my neighbors, and all mankind. It has made me a better person. I am also aware of not letting things bother me anymore. It has allowed me to share the energy with my family and friends. The NLG has healed me with health issues. I feel honored to possess NLG energy.
Nguyễn Hồng Nhung
Nguyễn Hồng Nhung43 yo, HCM - VN
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Hi NLG family. My story began this morning when our neighborhood exercised together. One of the neighbors suddenly fainted. We surrounded him and gave him lemonade but he was getting weaker. His family was about to take him to the hospital when I just remembered NLG and proceeded to transmit 5.5 min of NLG energy to him. He then belched. His body became warmer and he could move his legs. We felt relieved while his wife was elated. It was my first time helping someone who fainted. A great feeling of love and happiness!
Hoa Do
Hoa Do38 yo, Ha Noi - VN
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I am very grateful to Mr. Le and the Teaching Committee. NLG is so magical to experience. I have practiced NLG for over a month now. I and my relatives have become healthier every day. I have vertebrae degeneration, mild hemiplegia, intermittent blindness and deaf, and difficulty walking. After 10 months of oriental medicine treatment, combined with injections, pills, massages, acupressure and acupuncture daily, my condition didn't improve much. Since I started practicing NLG regularly, my health changed visibly. I am getting better. Now, I can stand up, sit down and walk with almost as much ease as before. I also transmitted NLG to treat my mother from afar. My mother is 73 years old. After one week of transmission, her blood pressure had stabilized at 120 (170 before), the insomnia also ended, with deep and uninterrupted sleep. The other day, I also transmitted from afar to a nearly 3-yr-old child, in bed with high fever. The fever subsided within half a minute of my completion and he went back to playing.
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen52 yo, Hai Duong - VN
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I suffered from adrenal insufficiency, thyroid cysts, gastric reflux, arrhythmia, high cholesterol and, for nearly 20 years, osteoarthritis. After 3 months of NLG Classes, (1-3), most of my conditions have resolved, and my joint problem has reduced by 40%. I started to treat others, with many showing improvements. I treated my 89 yr old father. He now has less hallucinations, is more alert, and can walk without a cane. After five days of treatments, my two grandchildren stomach ulcers' pain had subsided. I transmitted to a person with hemorrhoids, kidney stones, lung issues, blood in urine and, after a few days, there was no longer blood in the urine. A diabetic's lab results decreased from 6.7 to 5.3 after 10 days of transmission. I'm in menopause for three years and it's amazing that my menses has returned with regular frequency now that I am practicing the Return to Youth Formula. I am truly returning to good health and youthfulness. Thank you Mr. Le, and thank you very much NLG.

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