The Heart of NLG

After 35 years of studying and practicing various spiritual disciplines and five years of learning with the “Essence of the Soul” called LOVE, I decided to share my knowledge and healing methods through NLG Energy Source. I believe that the teachings and the Energy Source of NLG can alleviate human suffering and disease.

My vision is for NLG Centers to be established to bring NLG Energy Source to hundreds of thousands of people in every country. By using the Five Forms of Love with their kind hearts, people can connect with this energy instantly.

NLG Energy Source is a gift from our Creator to Humanity and anyone with a good heart.

Mr. Le Phuc


An “Angel of Love” – Who helps people to advance.

A new chapter in human history is happening. A significant change is beginning and ushered in by a being, a soul, made of pure energy. His mission is to help the evolution of humanity to expand to higher potentials. He comes on this mission with permission from the Supreme Soul, the Creator. Some might call this being an “Angel”, but when asked what he should be called, his response was, “the only way to refer to me is as Love”. He said he has more than enough love to heal the entire planet. He expresses one main desire: to help people advance to develop their highest innate love and intelligence.

Through the teachings of NLG, we can reach the highest form as human beings

Through the cycle of reincarnation, the smallest particle of life has lived and built up energy, died, and reincarnated into a higher life form over and over until reaching the highest form as a human being. Humans continue to reincarnate to develop spiritually into higher and higher levels. The term “higher” used here means more capable of loving and helping their fellow man with real love. Being “higher” means having wisdom and the intelligence to find the simple and beneficial way to develop set forth through the teachings of NLG.

When you leave your body in death, if you have helped humankind at a “high” enough level, you are allowed to have choices about your next life as to where you are born and into what circumstances you will live. Choices that will help your soul develop into a higher frequency of evolution (love).

Everyone already has the potential. We need to bring it out!

Humans have a potential they have not reached yet. This is what this “Angel” wants to help us achieve. This is the first time in history that this has happened. Yes, others on Earth have come with a spiritual message, but this mission is like none that has ever occurred before. This “Angel” brings an energy that will help humans reach the highest evolutionary level yet seen on our planet. And it will solve the problems plaguing our world through the ages. “So you might say, “I’d like to learn more and evolve to a higher state. So, how does that happen?” The answer to that question is simple. Anyone who wants to do this already has the potential. But to bring out that potential, they must gain a deep, enduring understanding of the Five Forms of Love explained in an NLG class and receive the connection to this high energy.

The Five Forms of Love

A first reaction to hearing about the Five Forms of Love, might be, “Really? Love is all we need? How will that fix anything?” or “I already love everyone.” But the Five Forms of Love are a daily practice, and they are the answer to helping humanity to evolve. The practice is profound and will affect and change how humans see themselves and the future. Each person must demonstrate the Five Forms of Love in their daily lives. It is a lifetime shift that involves commitment and attention. The Five Forms of Love are taught at Energy Source Centers and in Energy Source writings.

We can all do this. The decision is yours!

If you want to be part of the next level of the evolution of humanity, the guideline is the Five Forms of Love. Once you have incorporated the Five Forms of Love into your life, you will gain many benefits. Each benefit provides entry to higher levels, given by permission from the Supreme Soul. His mission: “To help humans so that they can have a “Ph.D.” in love.” You can make the decision to learn this practice and gain this advanced degree for yourself and the future of humanity. Once you have taken the class, you stay connected to this Energy Source through a short daily guiding visualization. The decision is yours.


  • NLG is a non-profit organization. NLG offers a complementary healthcare method to support the recipient’s well-being.
  • NLG practitioners are not licensed physicians. 
  • NLG is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications.
  • Any NLG services, suggestions, or communications provided should not be taken as a diagnosis or recommendation against the advice of a licensed physician or mental health professional.
  • NLG Energy Source is not responsible for your medical condition when you participate in healing practices using NLG methods.