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Today is November 13, 2021.  I would like to share with everyone about my illness. I am at Level 3.

In 2020, I went to Hanoi Hospital for 3 cervical vertebrae degeneration, purulent polysinusitis, acute pharyngitis and non-hormonal lymphadenopathy with cancerous cells.  I have received 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 25 radiations. 


Then on April 8, 2021, I vomited blood again. The doctor told me it was a throat tumor. I continued spitting up blood and had a fever every day, even twice a day. On August 8, 2021, I continued to bleed, twice, and the doctor gave up on me and sent me home. But because of my husband’s endless love for me that he put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me to the emergency room and begged for intensive care. While at the emergency room, Ms. Chi, who lives in Hai Phong, told us about NLG and fortunately my husband embraced it. 


Every time Mr. Le preached and transmitted NLG, he would raise the phone up to my face so I could look at Mr. Le. It’s amazing that after a week, my fever completely subsided and by the second week I could sit up and asked for food. By then, I already had a tracheostomy but could still eat a bowl of rice.  After a month at the hospital, I was released. It’s been three months since and I have not had to take a single pill. 


I’ve been listening to Mr. Le’s livestreams every day; I have learned the 5 Forms of Love and I’ve gained 11 lbs.  The day before I attended Level 3, I had a large pustule below my left eye, and my entire face was swollen. Two days later, it naturally broke and I was able to clean and clear it. It is fortunate that I didn’t need to see the doctor for injections.  I’m very thankful to Mr. Le for teaching NLG to everyone and for my health recovery.


Translated and edited from original post by Lienha Ha on NLG Fanpage:


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