NLG Classes

NLG Energy Source is an entirely new program with simple, quick techniques to learn. These techniques are beneficial for humanity in developing intellectually, which helps individuals find solutions to today’s problems. This new energy will help individuals create more wisdom and receive many benefits. This new energy was given, to help raise the frequency of humankind for its development. NLG can help all living things. It can be used to increase production in agriculture, forestry, and fishery. It will produce fresh, healthy organic food.

NLG Energy Source inspires and empowers individuals to improve their own mental and physical health. We do this by teaching practitioners simple visualizing techniques of energy healing.

How It Works

NLG’s classes teach us how to access the universe’s healing energy (energy source) and directing it into our body to stimulate our stem cells; enhancing our healing abilities and our brain function. This technique involves 5 1/2 minutes of practice, 1 to 3 times daily.

Spiritual energy exists on our planet. This energy source supports all knowledge, wisdom, life and evolution. In order to connect to this spiritual energy from the Creator, we have to live with LOVE and live righteously. We can achieve this through NLG’s teaching of the principles of morality and the Five Forms of Love.

For the first time in human history, we are able to use the Creator’s spiritual energy and we must know how to embrace his LOVE and live in harmony with each other to create heaven on earth.

Class Descriptions

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