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At the age of 70+, I couldn’t help but worry about my declining health. Fortunate for me though, I was able to finish NLG Level 3 in August 2021. I have followed the formulas and practiced diligently; keeping the Five Forms of Love, moral values, and the +1-1 Frequency in my daily life.


How amazing and wonderful it is! Illnesses that have been with me for many years have slowly disappeared. Toothache is 95% cured, bowel dysfunction is 95% cured, external hemorrhoids are 100% cured, neck and shoulder pain and knee joint pain are gone, about more than 90%, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it?


Not yet. This morning, I just received the results of MEDLATEC’s blood test.  Indicators that have steadily increased in recent years, exceeding the allowable threshold, such as “Cholesterol – Total fat”, “LDL – Bad fat”, have now returned within the safe zone. The consultant doctor of MEDLATEC called, “Congratulations, all your indicators are in the safe range”.


Here are some excerpts of XNM data over the years:

                     2018; 2019; 2020; 2021; Normal Range 

 Glucose.  5.50; 5.05; 5.44; 4.94; <6.4

 Cholesterol.  4.91; 5.49; 5.98; 4.99; <5.2

 Bad LDL.  3.40; 3.70; 4.20; 3.10; <3.4


It’s so great, isn’t it? Thank you Mr  Le and all the volunteers serving NLG very much.  Wishing Mr. Le and the entire NLG family always good health and success.


-in Hanoi-

October 2021


Translated, and edited, from the original post by Dang Hoc on NLG Fanpage:

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