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[NLG STORIES] Insomnia, Varicose Veins, Stroke


I am 65 years old, my husband is 67 years old, and both of us have finished Level 2 and feel much better about our health. I myself have completely recovered from insomnia and varicose veins in my left leg (I have this condition for 20 years). 

My husband had a stroke; is receiving healing energy from Mr. Le twice a day. Miraculously, he can walk around and cook and take care of daily hygiene on his own now. 

We thank you Mr. Le and the volunteer staff. We are very happy to be attending Level 3 soon. We strive to adhere to the 5 Forms of Love and Morality in order to receive and learn NLG with  results. We wish the entire NLG family happiness. 

October 2021

Translated from the original post in Vietnamese by Gia Trang on NLG Fanpage:

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