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  • Greetings!
  • It is with great joy, and love from our Creator, that Mr. Le announces the opening of NLG LEVEL 3 COSMIC DIVINE LIGHT NEW ERA Class in Orlando, Florida, USA.
  • For registration:
  • Fragrant white Orange blossoms are gradually producing Florida sumptuous fruits in the month of May. Our Orlando community’s longing for a fresh and nourishing stream of energy revitalizing, rejuvenating and awakening has come to materialize as Mr. Le’s outreach is now extending across the continent. NLG level 3 class is cordially inviting you to Orlando from May 13 – 15. 
  • Our NLG families, near or far, joining hands with Mr. Le in Orlando, through experience and interaction, both inside and outside the classroom, will collectively make Florida sunlight more sparkling, beaches warmer, and deep magic joy from inner kingdom, beyond that of Disney World much longer lasting throughout generations. Your presence and connectivity in Orlando will imprint a one-of-a-kind memory in our hearts. 
  • Hope to see you all there. 
  • NLG Energy Source Global