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Dear all members of NLG Energy Source Global:
Many of you have noticed that the schedule of the First In-Person Cosmic Divine Light New Era Level 3 Class is changed to a week later, from March 18,19, 20 to March 25, 26, 27, 2022. We have received numerous complaints from different sides in the last three days. Fortunately, the local organizing team members stay firm with their dedication and best effort to assist Mr. Le and NLG members in putting this particular class together. Moreover, other benefactors or NLG members from different parts of the world had already reached out to us, offering their words of appreciation and any support as needed. Due to numerous rumors from unofficial sources that caused confusion among NLG members, the Managing Committee of NLG Energy Source Global BOD decided to release this Newsletter to provide official clarification, updates, and decisions on the above-mentioned Level 3 Class in San Jose, California, US.
First of all, NLG is a nonprofit organization; our activities provide services and betterment for our members and worldwide communities. This change is not the exception. In the best interest of our members, Mr. Phuc Le decided to delay this particular Level 3 Class. Only after 48 hours of the first announcement of this class, the number of registered practitioners was more than the allowed 250 capacities of the first selected facility, then again surpassed 360 of the second facility. Unfortunately, we could not book another venue with more seats within three weeks until one outstanding NLG member had located and negotiated one.
This time, Mr. Le himself had personally come to look at the new location. It was finally approved and chosen even the rental cost is 4 to 5 times from the previous ones. According to Mr. Le, this place can afford to host more people. Thus, it will provide better synergies and conditions for all of his loving members of The House of Love NLG Global.
Mr. Le has already emphasized because it is unfathomable that this class is a very sacred and powerful gift from the Creator and the Universe offers to all sentient living things on this planet Earth. He was the only selected one granted special Permissions to transcend it to a few fortunate living souls. This sacred opportunity is there for those who have created a lot of positive deeds in previous lifetimes and have the right mindset that is in tune with the Cosmic Divine Light of the New Era. With the best benefits of our members at heart, we have been working closely with compassionate members of Local Organization and NLG members worldwide to provide any possible support for out of town Level 3 New Era attendees such as:
Drinking water. Snacks and Food etc.
_Airport pick-up and return.
_Transportation from and to the Class Meeting place.
People with Special needs would have the support they need to attend.
Our hands may be short, but our Love is boundless.
We are willing to work with those who lost money from purchasing nonrefundable tickets to this Class on the previous dates. If you need support, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Board of Directors at this email address:
Please provide us with the following information:
Proof of your unused ticket(s)
Dates of travel
Purchase price,
Personal contact information of phone number, mailing address.
For those who offer to help out with this matter, we’re grateful for your kindness. We will reach out to you if there’s a need for this subject.
Additionally, starting next week we will issue a list of areas that we are looking for help from Level 3 attendees. Please check our website and all communication links for our upcoming updates.

At this point, confirmed registration has almost reached the maximum capacity limit for the newly selected place. We’re not going to change the date or location again. So please finish up your registration as quickly as possible. Once the capacity is reached, we will close the registration, there would be no exception. We were informed by the registration team that there were people who already signed up but later called in to cancel their registration so they can join the other group in signing together.

Please note that there’s no one or group is better than others in NLG, we practice the 5 forms of Love and Morality; therefore, as human beings, we all should share the same value as children of our Creator.
***Starting February 27, anyone who already registered then cancels and comes back to signup again whether as an individual or a member of a certain group would not be allowed to re-registered and be banned from this In-Person Level 3 New Era Class in San Jose regardless of whoever wants to sponsor you. The principle of Morality is upheld by NLG Energy Source Global’s Board of Directors.
As I am writing these lines, I received a text message from a group of NLG members in Garden Grove, California asking me to join their upcoming prayers for the mass violence in Ukraine to end. More than ever, while the world is boiling with war, greed, hatred and fear; we at NLG-Global should unite with strength, love, forgiving and wisdom to make our earth a better planet to live on.
As some iconic sayings from the legendary US president Kennedy_…
“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” And, ”Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.
Let’s stand behind Mr.Le to make this coming March 25-27, 2022 the In-Person Level 3 Class in San Jose, California, US the success not for the attendees only but for all mankind with the Cosmic Divine Light of the New Era.
With Love and Gratitude to all,