We can use the NLG energy to benefit all humankind

Many of our ancestors thought that living on earth was akin to living in hell. They felt that earth is a prison and they just want to go back to Heaven/God. But this is not right. We come here to improve our education, enjoy life on this planet, and create heaven on earth. Many of the ancestors gave away all material wealth, thinking this would help them develop. This was wrong. We must know how to create material wealth so that all of humankind can live in love and comfort. But right now we fail to know how to do this. People continue to seek power and control over others. When we are able to use the NLG energy to benefit all humankind, all people will live in comfort and love.

The founding documents of the United States created a systematic way to provide for its citizens economically

When the USA’s Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and The Constitution were created, the unseen world played a large part in their development. These were created to show the world a system through which people could create material wealth successfully and distribute this wealth to all the people, not just a few. The United States has not fulfilled its potential yet, it has gotten off track, but most people in the USA understand these principles. We must balance between the material and spiritual world to receive wisdom and enlightenment later. We must know how to create sufficient material first, and then when people are healthy and prosperous, they can develop spiritually into higher beings.

This will create stability and a foundation for all future growth in all areas. Right now, people in countries around the world don’t know how to get enough food for all their people. Religions misunderstood many things in their teachings. Life on earth is to be for education and living so that we have heaven on earth for ALL people. We must create material wealth to get a spiritual education. NLG teachers are working to correct inaccurate thinking. The documents forming the United States were created to show a system to provide for all of its people. The rest of the world has looked to the USA for this example.