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In order to show respect and gratefulness to Mr. Le, the Organizing Committee, and the NLG family, let me express my feelings when I completed my Level 3 Upgrade! 


Good luck has brought me to Mr. Le! Specifically, I have been cured of many diseases: osteoarthritis pain, headache, shoulder and neck pain, and the worst is allergic rhinitis. I went through lots of treatments but wouldn’t improve. Since meeting Mr. Le, I worked hard to receive energy every day, and practiced, following instructions from the formulas, and now I have recovered from many diseases. 


There have been moments when I cried out loud since I was so happy because of these miracles and benefits from the daily instructions from Mr. Le. It does not cost any money.


I want to share the truth of what I have received from Mr. LE VAN PHUC and the NLG family to help those who have not studied or have any doubts. Please put your absolute trust in NLG.


December 2021

Translated and edited from original post by Luong Dieu on NLG Fanpage:

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