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After a month and a week of receiving healing NLG energy from me (Level 3), and from Ms. Hoang Tuyet Lanh in France (Level 4 Special), my 86-year-old mother was able to spread her 5 previously paralyzed fingers. For nearly 20 years, she couldn’t move them due to a few strokes. The calf muscle that had atrophied from many years of disuse are now gradually redeveloping and getting stronger; able to bend and unbend easier. My mother may have the opportunity to walk! She is very happy. She said that if she could walk again, she will publish it in the newspaper. That’s my mother’s dream!  

Thank you very much, Mr. Le!  I would like to thank Ms. Hoang Tuyet Lanh for sending energy to my mother. My mother’s dream will soon come true!  Love NLG much- the energy of love and peace!

December 2021

Translated and edited from the original post by Ha Hong Van on NLG Fanpage:



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