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Someone said to me, “Mr. Le talks about morality and the five forms of love on every livestream, and every online class.” I responded, “Uh, that’s right, because that’s the basic principles of NLG. If you want to learn NLG but won’t practice morality and the Five Forms of Love, then it’s a waste of your time. You will gain nothing.” It’s easy said than done. It’s possible one will not achieve it even with a lifetime of practice. 


I thought to myself how difficult it is to master the art of GIVING that Mr. Le embodies. We usually give away what we don’t use, or regretted it afterwards, or still hesitating and calculating! Moreover, we still have to learn HOW TO GIVE! Give in a way that we won’t hurt the recipient’s feeling; give without disdain! I always remember Mr. Le’s words, “Love must come from the heart, from the bottom of the heart, must be honest and, you can’t ‘cheat’ love.”


So remember that giving is a small way to show care for those less fortunate than you, and that’s enough happiness and joy! “GIVE AWAY AND YOU’LL KEEP FOREVER”, right? 💖💖💖💖💖


Translated from Yen Dinh‘s post on NLG Fanpage


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