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-A few thoughts from Mr. Le about the Five Forms of Love –


If you want to heal quickly, no longer have to endure the pain and suffering of your illnesses, you need to look deeply inward and transform yourself toward goodness and love; to save yourself. 


The good seeds of love sown within you will grow strong in both your consciousness and your wisdom. At that time, the weak and sick cells will immediately receive the ENERGY OF LOVE. Every single cell will have a positive transformation, resulting in recovery of the diseases that have plagued you for so long so that soon you can return to a normal, healthy life. 



The Five Forms of Love is a fundamental concept based on correct understanding and practice. That means with understanding and correct practice, in the spirit of love and compassion, you will achieve miraculous results with improved health and mental clarity. 


We live and manifest the Five Forms of Love daily to create an attractive force that brings good fortune. Thanks to that, we are not only healthier but can also achieve many successes, benefits, material wealth, and a fulfilling life living in heaven on earth.


Hope that you soon will understand the beneficial meaning of the Five Forms of Love to quickly enhance your health to achieve true happiness in the present and into the future. 


Respectfully,  NLG TrongDong!


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