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A student asked his teacher: – Teacher, what is the value of life?

The teacher took a stone and gave it to the student and said: – You bring this stone to the market but do not sell it.  Just see how much people offer for it. Obeying the teacher, the student brought the stone to the market to sell. People couldn’t understand why he sells such an ugly stone. After sitting all day, a peddler came and asked to buy it for a dollar.  

The student brought the stone back and lamented: – No one wanted to buy this ugly stone. Fortunately, someone asked to buy it for one dollar, sir.

 The teacher smiled and said: – Very well, tomorrow you bring the stone to the jewelry shop and show it to the shop owner. Remember that even if the shop owner wanted to buy it, it can’t be sold.
 The student was very surprised when the owner of the jewelry shop offered 500 dollars for the stone.  He eagerly asked the teacher why it was so.  

The teacher smiled and said: – Take it to the antique shop tomorrow. But absolutely don’t sell it, just ask for the price. Following the teacher’s instructions, he was surprised when the shop owner, after a long consideration, offered the price for the stone. It was his entire existing estate.  He was still determined not to sell and hurried back to tell the teacher.  

At this time, the teacher slowly said: – The stone is actually a precious block of ancient jade, worth a fortune, and the value of life is the same as that of the stone, some people understand it and some people don’t.  To those who do not understand and cannot tell, the value of life is not worth a penny, and to those who understand, it is worth a fortune.  

The rock is the same, life is the same, the only thing that makes a difference is your understanding, and the way you see life.

Translated from post by Loan Tran on NLG Fanpage on November 2021.