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There is a school that does not have a building built on land for students to study together but separately, at their own home, in any comfortable position, as long as it is effective.


There is a school where each class has tens of thousands of students of all ages, from youngsters to ninety-year-olds.


There is a school where students voluntarily register to enroll when they are already done with school, already obtained their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees… 

There is a school where students do not bring textbooks to class but only bring with them the Five Forms of Love and their morality. There, people do not know each other, come from all corners of this earth, but cherish and love each other. 

There is a school where each grade takes from one to three, or four, sessions, but its assignments take a lifetime. Self-practice has brought about enhanced health, and recuperation from diseases, even incurable ones. Overtime, wisdom, tolerance, generosity, and kindness to others expand.  From there, love is spread to help people overcome their difficulties. The love of country, love of humanity, and love of all living things contribute to economic growth for the family and society… 

That school is NLG Energy Source.


The teacher who founded this school is Mr. Phuc Le.  Although students call him “uncle”, in their hearts he is a very respectable teacher.  He is friendly to all, loves and cherishes all… On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, I wrote a few words to express my gratitude to my beloved teacher, Mr. Le. 

Wishing you happiness, health, and full of energy to help people change their lives, increase their love for the country and all living beings.  Wishing your family all the best! Grateful to the Universe’s energy. Thank you and grateful to Mr. Le, the teaching staff, the Organizing Committee and the Service Team. 

Level 3 student Ha Hai to the entire loving NLG family.           

YT November 17, 2021
Translated from the original post by Ha Hai on NLGTrongDongVietNam Fanpage