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In contemplating what I have learned and practiced so far, I noticed that in most of the lectures, during class and outside of class, Mr. Le always reminded all the students about the importance of +1-1 Frequency, Morality, and the 5 Forms of Love in NLG.  He even repeated again and again, “In order to be effective with NLG, it is necessary for your brain to maintain a +1-1 frequency. This can only be done by you. I cannot do it for you but I can only guide you and show you the way”.
Thus, it can be understood that +1-1 frequency is the key to success with NLG. So let’s find out what this state of mind is!

1. Frequency +1-1:
We can understand it as the right frequency for us to receive NLG energy from the Civilization from Outer Space, via our brain to the body. Frequency +1-1 is achieved when our minds are calm, relaxed, at peace, and kind, … no worries, no rage; no anger, resentment or hatred …

2. Morality and the 5 Forms of Love:
When it comes to this phrase, any of us can immediately understand the meaning and directive of it; but not everyone has it in their hearts (some have plenty, some minimal, and there are even people who don’t have any). But we have to cultivate, practice and aim toward a better way of life, to show love and to live ethically with our loved ones, community and society. As Mr. Le often reminded us, “We don’t have to memorize the words ‘Morality and the 5 Forms of Love’ but we have to exhibit it properly and internalized it as a true state of mind in each of us”.

When we understand correctly and live accordingly, we will have morality and the 5 Forms of Love. Mr. Le stated that even if we can achieve just the first 3, we can already have an optimistic spirit, a kind mind, with no anger, hatred, or resentment, ….

– The reality is that if we have morality and the 5 Forms of Love, we have a frequency of +1-1; if we have a +1-1 frequency, we can receive NLG energy from the Civilization from Outer Space, via our brain to the body.

– This is also the reason why some people are able to access NLG energy right away, while others a little later, and some even gave up.

Good luck to the NLG family!
Oct 2021

Translated from Mai Tan Trinh’s post in NLG Fanpage