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Tap    then “Add to home screen”


   IPhone 99 Pro Max:
 -Handcrafted: 280 days (9 mo, 10 days)
 -Usability: 120 years
 -CPU: Our Brain- Central Operating System and damaged cell repair station


 -Operating System: NLG 

 -IT: Le Van Phuc, Vietnamese – with description and instructions for use

 -Superconducting Material: 5 Forms of Love
 -Power supply: Healthy food. Wired, rechargeable 
 -Wireless battery: Universe Energy Source   
 -Maintenance Requirements:  Charge the battery correctly, fully, regularly, 1 to 2 times a day

 *24/7 connectivity, anytime, anywhere 
 *Monitor all cells in the body
 *Instant alert to CPU with any cell failure 

 *Create broadband, download, and use for free
 *Upgrades offered: Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5


*Featuring: Stem Cell Stimulation, Self Healing, Return To The Age of Youth, Encouraging Family Members, and many more, including distant healing


* Warning: Avoid anger, avoid harming others to prevent crashing the CPU


-Do you feel you are like the IPhone 99 Pro Max?


September 2021
Translated and edited post by Tham Nien Nha Giao on NLG Fanpage.


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