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It is said that the healthy person has a hundred wishes while the sickly one has only one, and that is “health”. Has there been anyone who has never had this one wish for good health? I doubt it. No matter how perfectly functioned a machine is, deterioration is inevitable with time. The same works for the human body, especially when it has to face inevitable and unexpected risks such as natural disasters, diseases, accidents, or inborn health problems. On my tireless journey in searching and experimenting of health therapies for a healthy body and conquering diseases, I am a disciplined and persevered believer.

When having health problems, my first go-to therapy would certainly be taking medicine, be it modern or traditional. Furthermore, I also practice other health therapies like yoga, meditation, Qigong (khí công), exercise, fitness, and especially healthy diet. I have been very disciplined practicing every single health therapy for long enough to establish good habits as well as to actually experience them all. Every single therapy has its own unique advantage and effectiveness. However, as we are all living a busy modern lifestyle with too much responsibilities, could there be any other better method with optimal effectiveness out there? Would there exist a method that delivers instant results, just simple, not too time-consuming, can be practiced anywhere, anytime, highly effective and costs nothing? (too demanding!) I had tried some other health therapies, but what I had been looking for still seemed nowhere to be found. 

On one beautiful day, just unexpectedly, what I had wished for arrived at my door. That was when I came to know about the energy source therapy (NLG). This therapy truly meets my above demands, if not beyond my wishes. I am not going to use complex terminologies or going deep into the technicalities of the NLG method here (for you will learn all when taking NLG classes), what I would like to convey now is that I only want you to grasp this simple understanding about NLG: it helps transfer a special natural energy into your body in order to improve your health, both physically and mentally. 

In sharing this knowledge, I do not mean to encourage you to rush into learning and practicing NLG, nor would I want you to hurrily give up your current medicine or other health therapies. Rather, I would want you to take time to study NLG first. In this day and age of information technology, when you are often overwhelmed with every seemingly promising and effective health therapies on the internet, being cautious is highly advised. 

Below are some special points about NLG that I would like to talk about: 

1. First and foremost, you need to have faith to be successful. Without faith, you will not find NLG effective. People will think it is too simple just to say to have faith. Faith, really? Everyone has it. Doesn’t everybody believe they have faith in what they are studying, and what the point of learning something without faith?

Actually, it seems that we all have one or many of the mindsets below when starting on any new journey: – This is a hot trend, I need to be a part of it or I will be lagging behind. – This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, I need to learn right away.- I would like to learn this to fill up my collection of learning subjects.- Learning something does not necessarily go together with faith.- Everyone is learning something nowadays. – The person that recommended this to me is a very prestigious one, this must be something good to learn.- Etc.There are many reasons for one to start learning something new. 

Now back to faith. Are you sure you have faith? Sometimes your reasoning mind is forcing you to believe in something but deep down, you know you do not. Once the slightest doubt starts surfacing, you will stop receiving any result, or just a little bit of what you desire for. The more you believe, the more effective your practice will be. Fake faith just does not produce real results. 

2. After learning and practicing NLG for a while, you will notice positive improvements to the diseases you are having. Furthermore, you will change both physically and mentally. That being said, you will become healthier, younger, joyful, relaxed, forgiving, and love to help others, … 

3. By learning and practicing NLG, you do not only heal yourself but can also help to heal your family and friends and others so they can become healthy and happy like you. This will bring about a life purpose to you and make you appreciate a meaningful life more.

4. After studying and practicing, every NLG learner will experience different results, depending on how much they have changed and improved themselves.

5. When studying NLG, you are taught to change yourself for the better in order to experience good results, and this is very important. Changes mentioned here are meant to be positive changes, you will understand more when you attend the courses. Now that you have faith, you have changed yourself, you have practiced successfully and you are very happy.

Learning NLG is very unique, very different than learning other techniques. For example, when you learn to swim or to bake a cake, once you have mastered the techniques, you have it for good. Even if you have lost faith or are back to your old negative habits, you can still swim or bake a cake. The same does not apply to NLG. The uniqueness about learning and praciting NLG is that you will lose it all, disconnected from the source and back to zero once you have lost faith and self improvements. You will need to get back to your starting point, if you choose to do so. 

I would like to encourage you to check out NLG Facebook page to learn more about it before signing up to learn and practice NLG. This Facebook page is currently conducting livestreams every day. You will learn about success stories shared by other NLG practitioners, especially you will have a chance to have your questions answered as well as receive healing energy channeled by NLG founder himself. You can experience receiving NLG for self healing although you have not attended any class. Once you have established faith, you can confidently sign up for NLG classes. I’d like to draw your attention to the way NLG classes are conducted. Classes Level 1 and 2 are conducted regularly online, but class Level 3 has to be in-person, from where you will learn a lot of incredibly fascinating knowledge you might have never heard of. Due to the current pandemic, classes level 3 cannot be conducted any time soon. However there is a lot of information on NLG’s Facebook page for your reference. 


Trần Thúy Anh – NLG practitioner Source: NLG Trống Đồng Việt Nam———-

Posted on NLG Energy Source Global on September 30, 2021:


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